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Hi all volunteers,
This is the page where I would be placing links to the books which are in PDF format and which we propose to convert to DOC file in Unicode. I request the scholars who want to help digitizing these works to come forward and select the books.
When you select a book, please drop in a message in the comment section so as to stop repetition.

1. siddhahema zabdAnuzAsanam with laghuvRtti – hemacandrAcArya
2. kAvyAnuzAsana – hemacandrAcArya
3. ChandonuzAsanam – hemacandrAcArya

About Sanskritworld

This site is mainly using content which has been entered painstakingly by hundreds of dedicated scholars related to, GRETIL, Gaudiya Grantha Mandira and some other sources. The purpose of this site is to make the scriptures available in Devanagari Unicode format which is easy to search.. This is for scholarly purpose only. Not to be used for Commercial purpose as a gentleman's promise. The data entered in other formats and encoding are converted to the unicode format for uniformity and ease of search … The terms of usage and copyright would be the same as the original site.