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Devanagari IAST SLP1

Developed by: Dr. Dhaval Patel & Dr. Sivakumari Katuri. Layout assistance by: Mr. Marcis Gasuns.
Available under GNU licence.
Disclaimer: Despite our best efforts, intricacies of Sanskrit language may limit our declention machine. We owe no responsibility for wrong declention. User discretion is advised.
Correction submission: We will be greatful if you can send your corrections here.
Note: The source code for this program is available on Github here.
For those who find github clumsy, latest code can be accessed manually here.
For those who want to install the code for offline usage, instruction can be seen in readme file here.
Places where we take user input can be accessed here.
For better rendering of output, use Siddhanta font.

For IAST scheme, please use the lowercase letters.

For SLP1, use this scheme for entering words: